Thursday 19 April 2012


Water Jug
For the month of April all Buchanan students have been participating in a drum circle. We use Djembe drums, Tubano drums, and water empty jugs. We have been learning a variety of rhythm patterns, as well as using the drums to accompany songs, stories and poems. Some classes have learned some traditional African folk songs and games.

Room 17 (Grade 4) has been working on a song called Obwasimisah, which includes a rock passing pattern. We began by passing one rock to the pattern of "pick up", "pass" (passing to the right every time we put the rock down). Once we were comfortable with passing one rock, we each started working with two. Our new pattern is "pick up", "tap", "tap", "pass". It can be quite difficult to keep this pattern going smoothly as a large group, and one mistake can end up in a pile of rocks! We have been having a blast, and are working toward being able to keep the game going without stopping!

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