Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Remembrance Day

Because Remembrance Day was on a Sunday this year, we held our service on Friday, Nov. 9, at 11:00am. If you were unable to make it out, you can follow along below!

First, our Grade 4/5 Choir led us in the singing of O Canada:

Here in Canada, children are free to play outside, go to school, live in homes and be with their families and friends. But children who live in countries where there are wars being fought have very different lives. They can lose their homes, their freedom to play outside or go to school. They can even lose family members and friends. In World War II many people were sent to concentration camps, where they were forced to stay in tiny rooms. Many people died in concentration camps. Alena Synkova was a little girl who lived at a concentration camp for 2 years. While she was there, she wrote a poem about how she felt and drew pictures. 

Next, two students came up and presented a story and poem one of them had written about her experiences living in Afghanistan. This student shared about how the Taliban got started, and what it was like when she lived there. She shared her fears about her family that is still living in Afghanistan. It was a very touching poem and presentation, and we are very proud of her and thankful to her for sharing her story with us!

The principal at Brooklands School, Mr. Miller, and his Grade 4 & 5 students have created a video as a tribute to Canadian soldiers. In this video, many students share stories of people in their families who have served in the military. 

Many Canadian men and women are serving in the military today. They are in many different countries helping people to be safe and trying to create peace. They are putting their own lives in danger to help people who victims of war. Our Grade 4/5 Choir would like to share a special blessing for our soldiers in the hopes that they stay strong and stay safe.

Soldiers often go months or even years without getting to see their families. They miss their families and friends, their homes, their beds, and all of the other comforts they have here in Canada. Here at Buchanan School, we wanted to help bring some joy to our soldiers, so every student has written a letter which will be sent to Canadian soldiers who are serving away from home. Some of our students would like to share their letters. 

Each class at our school has prepared an envelope of letters and pictures to send to Canadian soldiers. Class representatives are invited to bring their letters to the front while we listen to the song “Soldier’s Cry O Canada”.

Thank you Buchanan students for taking the time to write to our soldiers. Your letters and pictures will remind them that they are loved and that people are thinking about them.

Now, we would like to honour our soldiers by having a moment of silence. During this time, we can think about all of the brave men and women who have fought in wars in the past and who are serving in wars today. Some have been able to return home to their families, and some soldiers do not make it home. Our moment of silence and thinking will show respect for those who have risked their lived to serve our country and help in countries that are torn by war.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Save the Date!

Our winter concert is coming up on Thursday, December 13. Showtimes are at 1:30pm and 7:00pm. Let friends and family members know so that they can save the date!
More information to come!

Lego Needed!

Dear families,

I am looking for any new or used Lego for the music room. If you have any that you would be willing to donate, please send it with your child to school! I am looking for both the larger and smaller sizes. Now, you're probably wondering, "why would a music teacher want Lego??"

I am always looking for new and effective ways to improve literacy in music. Many wonderful music teachers have posted their ideas online for using Lego to help students understand rhythms and to create music! I am hoping to use Lego for a variety of concepts, including composition, rhythmic literacy and melodic literacy. Below are some of the pictures that have inspired me!