Friday 4 October 2013

Sounds Can Go Up, Sounds Can Go Down

Kindergarten students have been learning about high and low sounds, as well as learning to tell the difference between ascending and descending sounds. They have practiced responding to high and low through movement, verbal description and drawing.
Students sorted pictures on the Smartboard into things that were up high and things that were down low. They also listened to the piano and decided if the sound was high or low by placing leaves on the tree on high or low branches.

Students also listened to music and decided whether or not the sound was ascending or descending. If it was going up, they placed the package in the plane, and if it was going down they placed the package in the train. Students also practiced drawing lines to show the patterns of sound.

And finally, the moment all of the kindergartens have been waiting for....
The BARRED INSTRUMENTS! We used the book "Up, Up, Down" by Robert Munsch and demonstrated how the characters climbed up and fell down by playing ascending and descending patterns on the barred instruments. Here are some photos of the proud kindergarten students playing their instruments!

K1 - Ms. Barnabe's Class

K1 - Ms. Barnabe's Class

K2 - Mrs. Thorsteinson's Class

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