Thursday 19 September 2013

Welcome Back!

School has been in session for almost two weeks now - it's so hard to believe!

The Grade 1/2/3 classes have been busy learning about Beethoven through his Fifth Symphony! Ask your child to tell you about the "Allowishes and the Royal Bananas" story that goes with it! We wrapped up this unit by watching the video "Beethoven Lives Upstairs".

Students in Grades 4 & 5 jumped right into playing the pitched percussion instruments and learned a traditional spiritual called "Chatter With the Angels". Videos will follow once all of the student media forms have been turned in! Grade 4/5 classes have also been hearing a little bit about my summer in Siberia, and viewing photos of the trip! If you would like to catch up on the adventure too, feel free to visit my personal blog:

Kindergarten students have been introduced to four different musical instruments so far - the rhythm sticks, the bells, the tambourines, and the sand blocks. They have also been learning about the different ways to play instruments (shake, tap, scrape), and demonstrated this during our "Hoop Conducting" activity. (Photos to follow when media forms are in!). Kinders are also learning to improvise using their singing voices with the help of our favourite puppet, Sally Singer!

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