Tuesday 18 September 2012

Welcome Kindergarten Students!

Kindergarten classes have each had music 3 times so far, and have shown such enthusiasm for music! A couple of the things we've done so far:

Sally Singer
Sally singer is a pop-up puppet who starts off every music class. Sally loves to sing, and asks each student a question using her singing voice (such as "Michael, what is your favourite colour?"), and each student answers in his/her singing voice.

The Bear Hunt
The Kinders love this one! I have posted it on our YouTube channel so that students can have fun with it at home too!
Click here to do the Bear Hunt!

So far the Kindergarten students have played the Rhythm Sticks. They learned how to tap them gently, and follow a conductor so they know when to stop. They are working on tapping a steady beat!

Here Comes A Bluebird
Kinders also learned the singing game Here Comes A Bluebird and had a blast!

"Here comes a bluebird, through my window,
Hey, diddle-dum-a-day, day day.
Take a little partner, hop in the garden,
Hey, diddle-dum-a-day, day, day."


  1. I put on the bear hunt song and Kyle came right over and started bouncing to the beat!
    M. Dueck

  2. That's great! The kinders LOVE this song! They as for it every day!!