Sunday 20 May 2012

Room 9 Presents: Willy The Worm

Students in Room 9 (Grade 1/2/3 Multi-Age) have been working on orchestrating the story Willy the Worm. They chose instruments and playing techniques they believed would help to communicate the story. They also illustrated it themselves!

Some of the curricular outcomes they met included:
  • experiment with music to communicate ideas derived from a variety of stimuli (e.g., visual stimuli such as artworks or an aquarium; a remembered or an imaginary experience; a poem or a story; music-listening experiences; themes or concepts from other subject areas)
  • select and organize, with teacher guidance, sounds and/or musical ideas as a class, as a group, or individually (e.g., make patterns with a low and a high sound, choosing from a range of instruments and sound sources)
  • collaborate with others to develop and extend musical ideas
  • make interpretive musical decisions, using variations of expressive devices (e.g., tempo, dynamics, articulation, tone colour)

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